Human resources

Human resources play a fundamental role in any company. At DEMGY, our human resources staff make sure that every job is the right one for every employee, in order to ensure the continuity of our QSE approach (link to page) and, in particular, everyone's well-being.

HR, dedicated to recruitment and individual well-being

Well-being in the workplace is first and foremost a matter of kindness, but also of ensuring that each person's job is suited to his or her aptitudes, abilities and desires. This is where the role of HR is of prime importance: it's at the recruitment stage that the match between the employee and the job is made. The human resources manager will precisely define the job description of the future employee and find the rare pearl. Sometimes, on the contrary, they can also adapt the job description to the employee's skills.

Human resources: anticipating staffing needs

DEMGY's Human Resources professionals work closely with the various departments to anticipate staffing needs. They identify critical positions, assess the skills required, and anticipate changes in the labor market, ensuring that the company has the right talent in place.

DEMGY and talent attraction

Because a company is nothing without its talented employees, DEMGY starts by offering attractive positions, the kind that make you want to get up in the morning and get involved. Our HR teams then implement targeted recruitment strategies, using a multi-channel search, and select candidates whose profiles match the company's values and the specific requirements of the position. After several interviews and any necessary performance or personality tests, HR selects the rare pearl who will become the DEMGY team's new talent.

HR and skills development

Because progress and evolution are necessary for the smooth running of the company, but also for the personal development of each individual, DEMGY ensures that each employee benefits from training programs adapted to his or her needs. Professional growth and the enhancement of each individual's skills are a key element in the field of human resources.

Evaluation and feedback: the sine qua non of an efficient, caring company

Performance management also takes center stage. HR professionals implement appraisal and feedback systems to ensure accurate monitoring of individual and collective performance, thus contributing to the overall growth and effectiveness of the organization.

The HR function is therefore essential at DEMGY: it ensures efficient recruitment, updates everyone's knowledge and skills, and ensures the well-being of everyone. 

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