Marketing/ Communication

DEMGY's marketing department is an essential pillar of the company, making a significant contribution to its growth, reputation and competitiveness. The department encompasses several key areas, each with its own role to play in the company's overall success.

Marketing strategy: an essential pillar

The definition and implementation of DEMGY's marketing strategy plays a very important role. Together with management, he defines clear, achievable objectives. These objectives are then translated into a comprehensive marketing strategy, which determines distribution channels, target market segments and key messages. It is vital to manage financial resources efficiently, so that every investment made is optimized for the best possible return.

Webmarketing: optimize your online visibility

An online presence is essential to ensure widespread visibility and optimum accessibility for potential customers. Operations relating to the creation, updating and optimization of the company's website are supervised, ensuring its informative content, and its compliance with SEO best practices. In addition, an engaging content strategy is developed for the website, ensuring that it is packed with detailed technical content. Management of the company's social network accounts, including publication of relevant content and interaction with the online community, is also taken care of.

Communication (trade shows)

The marketing department organizes the company's participation in relevant trade shows and events. This responsibility includes managing logistics, creating promotional materials and coordinating on-site teams. In addition, it maintains close relations with the media and journalists to ensure positive media coverage. Internally, he/she ensures the coherence of communications within the company.

Sales efficiency 

It implements a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track and manage prospects and customers, automate marketing processes, and improve customer retention. By analyzing CRM data, the marketing department evaluates the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, conversion rates and sales trends. It also trains sales teams in the effective use of CRM, ensuring that processes are optimized for better sales performance.

In conclusion, DEMGY's marketing department is a key driver of the company's growth and success, covering marketing strategy, webmarketing, communication and sales efficiency. Its role is to maximize the company's visibility, attract new customers and retain existing ones.


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