The Group
The Group

The Group

Founded in 1947, DEMGY, an innovative and sustainable plastics technology group, designs and manufactures high-performance plastic and composite solutions that are lighter than metal, to promote energy savings in sectors with a high carbon footprint.

In 2023, its circular Multiplasturgy® concept, a one-stop shop for its 14 areas of expertise, will become circular: circular Multiplasturgy®. A new cycle begins thanks to eco-design, which enables upstream management of production end-of-life and recyclability.

The DEMGY Group has five sites in France, including its head office in St-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (27), two in Romania, one in the United States, two in Germany and 3 R&D centers (Research and Development).

With a unique offering, the result of the synergy between its subsidiaries, the DEMGY Group covers several fields of activity, including defense, automotive, aeronautics, medical, energy and consumer goods (luggage, sports & leisure, etc.), using high-performance or 100% bio-based thermoplastic plastics and composites (PA11, PLA + flax fiber, etc.) that are 100% recyclable.

Our mission: to excel while reducing our carbon footprint

Our mission is to design and manufacture cutting-edge plastic and composite solutions, specially designed for the most ambitious and complex projects. These materials, which are lighter than metal, enable significant energy savings, particularly in sectors with a high environmental impact.  

The DEMGY Group is committed to contributing to the advent of a low-carbon society by developing tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of industry and the general public, while respecting the principles of sustainability and circularity


Lighter. Smarter. Greener. the promise of the DEMGY Group

Lighter : We make manufacturers' products lighter...  
Smarter : ... with innovative, complex plastic and composite solutions adapted to new uses and user expectations...  
Greener : ... with a circular approach, for a more responsible and sustainable society.

Our purpose and our conviction

Every day, we take up the challenge of reinventing established standards, pushing back the boundaries to offer sustainable, eco-responsible materials. Our raison d'être is to play an essential role in the fight against climate change by deploying our innovative, environmentally-friendly products.

As artisans of the future, we are guided by the conviction that every innovation, every solution we shape, contributes to creating a greener, more sustainable world. Against a backdrop of climate uncertainty, we strive to chart a course towards a brighter future, where our ingenuity and dedication to sustainability serve as a solid foundation for generations to come.


Our key figures

Discover the DEMGY Group in a few key figures & information:  

  • Founded in 1947  
  • 800 employees  
  • Sales 2023 : 85 M€ forecast with the acquisition of DEMGY EIS (75M€ in 2022, i.e. + 37%)  
  • 62% of sales achieved internationally  
  • 7% of sales invested in R&D  
  • 43% of sales in aerospace and defense  
  • 10 production sites, 5 of which are international  
  • No. 1 in Europe for high value-added aeronautical plastics  
  • Headquarters: Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (Normandy, Eure)  
  • President: Pierre-Jean Leduc (President/CEO) also deeply involved in the business world, as President of Polyvia Formation, Vice-President of IPC and President of Medef Normandie.