Buyer, purchasing manager, purchasing engineer: there are a multitude of terminologies for this activity in the purchasing field. Necessary in industry, but also in many other sectors, the buyer is one of the first links in the production chain. 

Buyer: a key role in sourcing materials and tools

DEMGY's purchasing department provides the Group with an optimized panel of suppliers. These suppliers provide not only raw materials, but also specific resources and tools to meet the needs of end customers. Purchasing is therefore crucial, as it provides the components needed to manufacture finished products. 

Buyer: a complete and decisive role in the production process

The buyer's job is not just to identify suitable suppliers and buy their products. In order to know which products to buy, in what quantities and within what timescales, the buyer must also master the implications of production. This means knowing the design timing and the essential, specific needs of each project. 

Finally, he or she must have a thorough understanding of the industry's ecosystem in order to meet budgetary, competitive and functional objectives. 

Buyer: a strategic role dedicated to market evolution

The purchasing market fluctuates enormously, especially when it comes to raw materials. That's why buyers need to adopt a strategic posture and guard against expected price rises by getting ahead of the game, or determining a purchasing schedule based on seasonality and current events. He is also a skilled negotiator, ensuring that economic and financial objectives are met for each purchase. 

Buyer: an international role

Sourcing suppliers, planning purchases, negotiating: all this requires knowledge of the international market, and even sourcing from outside the country. As such, buyers are familiar with the practices and constraints of different countries in terms of sourcing, payment, quality and safety. They also know how to negotiate according to the terms of each stakeholder. 

The buyer therefore occupies a very important place in DEMGY's production process. Versatile and aware of all practices and constraints, he or she knows how to find products at the best cost and in compliance with the company's specifications

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