Our values
Our values

Our values

DEMGY values



Excellence is at the heart of our DNA. We are proud of our multi-technology expertise in plastics processing, which enables us to offer our customers top-quality solutions. Our commitment to operational excellence positions us as a preferred co-contractor for both national and international customers in a wide range of industries. We are constantly improving our processes to guarantee optimum quality and exceed the expectations of our business partners.



Agility is at the heart of our ability to innovate and remain competitive in a constantly evolving market. We are flexible and adaptable, ready to respond quickly to the complex challenges of lightweighting industrial parts. Our responsiveness enables us to adjust in real time to the changing needs of our customers, and to offer tailor-made solutions. This agility is essential to maintaining our leadership position and excelling in a constantly changing environment.



Creativity is one of our greatest assets. We refuse to become complacent, and are constantly on the lookout for innovative, intelligent solutions. No matter how complex a project, we rise to the challenge with ingenuity and innovative thinking. We encourage creativity in all our employees, because we believe that bold ideas are the driving force behind innovation and sustainable growth.



Commitment is at the heart of our success. Our team is driven by passion, commitment and professionalism in everything we do. We believe in creating collective value for tomorrow by working closely together and pooling our skills and expertise. Together, we share a common commitment to our customers, colleagues and partners, contributing to our mission and vision.

Entrepreneurial spirit


We cultivate a strong entrepreneurial spirit through the trust and autonomy granted to each employee. We encourage everyone to go beyond their own limits and those of the market, to take the initiative and contribute to the Group's strategy of conquest. We believe that every employee is a potential entrepreneur, capable of coming up with innovative ideas and contributing to collective success.

Together, these values embody our commitment to excellence, innovation, collaboration and individual fulfillment within the DEMGY. We are determined to keep these values at the heart of our business, as they form the foundation of our success and prosperous future.