Sales administration

At DEMGY, the Sales Administration department is an essential part of our business strategy. More than just an interface between the company and its customers, the Sales Manager embodies our unwavering commitment to the satisfaction and success of our partners. 

Sales manager: customer relations first and foremost

Whether by physical appointment, telephone or e-mail, the ADV Manager is always available to the company's customers to maintain a serene relationship based on trust. The ADV Manager works tirelessly to satisfy customers, understanding their specific needs and responding to them in the best possible way. As well as performing factual tasks, the Sales Manager also possesses soft skills, i.e. the human qualities needed to ensure quality interactions, a sympathetic ear and the ability to find solutions quickly. 

The sales manager: master of internal coordination

Ensuring contract compliance and customer satisfaction, the ADV Manager is a true master of internal coordination. The SD Manager plays a key role in communication between the various departments.

A real growth driver for DEMGY

By ensuring that products or services are delivered efficiently and reliably, the ADV Manager enables DEMGY to expand its market. Each of DEMGY's SD Managers plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. This includes managing international customers and handling orders. Efficient sales and marketing management facilitates access to new markets and customers, which in turn stimulates growth.

Reporting & Analysis on the Sales Manager's agenda

In order to determine what helps or hinders a delivery process, the sales manager relies on reports and analyses that he designs and measures himself (sales, customer rating, late payment).

Innovation and adaptation as key development criteria

The ADV manager is often faced with changing challenges, particularly in terms of regulations, new technologies and consumer behavior. His or her ability to innovate and adapt quickly to market changes enables DEMGY to remain competitive and seize new growth opportunities.

A financial and administrative role

As the linchpin between the customer and the company, the Sales Manager is also responsible for the administrative tasks linked to the financial and regulatory aspects of Sales. Invoicing, order tracking, ERP updates, payment management and cost control: the Sales Manager is never short of tasks. 


The Sales Manager handles customer relations on all fronts. He or she also helps the company to grow in terms of sales, services and products. Coordinator, business-developer, administrative and financial manager, but also analyst: the ADV manager's job is multi-tasking and resourceful. This versatility enables them to ensure complete and optimal follow-up of their customers, and to create a qualitative link between the company and its partners. 


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