Commercial Efficiency Apprentice

Courageux Basile

Commercial Efficiency Apprentice

Marketing/ Communication DEMGY Normandie - Saint-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (27)

I started as an apprentice at DEMGY in 2019 as a sales assistant. I then progressed to Sales Efficiency Manager, where I am entrusted with a wide range of tasks. I appreciate this diversity of tasks and the opportunity to be a driving force as an apprentice: I'm broadening my skills every day and making progress in my career. DEMGY is a dynamic and innovative company, offering many opportunities to develop and contribute to the realization of exciting projects.

Commercial Efficiency Apprentice
Commercial Efficiency Apprentice

What is your job and how long have you been with DEMGY?

I've been an apprentice Business Efficiency Manager at DEMGY since 2019.

What is your career path at DEMGY?

My career path began as an apprentice Sales Assistant in the customer service department, where I was involved in tasks such as managing customer orders, liaising between the customer and production, as well as customer relations. After two years, I continued my work-study program in the marketing department as Sales Efficiency Manager, where I had the opportunity to take on a variety of assignments, from sales optimization to project management, including the implementation of digitalization tools, customer segmentation and the creation of dashboards.

What do you like about your job?

What I particularly like about my job is the diversity of the tasks entrusted to me and the opportunity to be a driving force as an apprentice. Thanks to the diversity of the tasks entrusted to me, I've been able to broaden my range of skills and progress in my career. I also enjoy a great deal of trust from my manager, which enables me to take the initiative and contribute directly to improving the Group.

What's your typical day like?

A typical day in my job usually involves managing various tasks related to sales efficiency: this might include analyzing data to optimize sales aspects, monitoring projects, setting up digitalization tools, segmenting customers or creating dashboards to assess our performance.

A word for anyone interested in applying for a job at DEMGY?

For those considering applying, I'd say it's a dynamic and innovative sector, offering many opportunities to develop and contribute to exciting projects.

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